The Importance of Knockan Crag

Knockan Crag is a dramatic line of rocky cliffs that run along the Sutherland border and Ross-shire area of Scotland. Knockan Crag runs for an impressive 21 miles and the word crag means small hill in Gaelic.

P1040272Visitors travel to Krackan Crag from all over the world to admire the unique natural beauty of this rock formation and it is of particular interest to geologists. One of the main focal points is the Moine Thrust. A visitor center has been established here to present historical findings as well as display the unique artwork of Joe Smith.

Knockan Crag and the surrounding area is preserved and protected by the Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve, managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. The area is part of the North West Highlands Geopark, which was inaugurated in 2004 and forms part of the International Network of Geoparks.

Knockan Crag is so special and important to the Scottish culture that a number of local legends have been created around it. Some legends state that the rock formation was created by a giant during a conflict with another giant and that their battle was so intense that they caused the earth to shake and the rocks to spring up from the ground around them.

People who want to get a feel for the beauty and dramatic natural of Knockan Crag will be able to follow a number of special walking trails that lead around the rock formation. The most popular walking trail is adorned by traditional cultural murals and takes visitors up to the very top of the crag, where they will be able to soak up panoramic views of the surrounding area. Guided tours of the area are also available, and knowledgeable local guides are available to take visitors to various different parts of the area and provide historical information along the way.