Discover great looking scarves made in Scotland

Eton Burgundy Merino Wool ScarfIf you planning to make a trip out to Knockan Crag, you should make sure to bring a scarf for the windy days in the west of Scotland. And of course, you should only buy scarves that are made from Scottish wool and crafted right here in Scotland.

The Swedish manufacture Eton is known for its shirts of high quality, but they also offer great looking scarves that are made in Scotland. We have chosen three scarves that would be perfect for a day out in Knockan Crag.

The burgundy merino wool scarf

The merino wool is known for its outstanding quality and is world wide the most popular for any kind of wool production. With this stylish scarf Eton provides you with an accessory for all season wear, thanks to its elegant texture and 100 % merino wool. The vibrant burgundy colour will give your selfies an extra touch of style while out in Knockan Crag.

Grey Merino Wool ScarfThe grey merino wool scarf

As a contrast to the more colourful scarf above, this one is the moderate but still classic choice of scarf. Also made from 100 % merino wool. Wrap it around your neck and it will be one of your best friends when the Scottish wind suddenly appears out of nowhere. This scarf provides your outfit with a lightweight handle and elegant touch!

The brown herringbone merino wool scarf

Planning to wear your wool coat out in Knockan Crag? If so, you should match it with this great Brown Herringbone Merino Wool Scarflooking brown scarf. The herringbone pattern is always a good choice and together with a tailored coat it will perfect your outdoor outfit. This scarf is also made from 100 % merino wool and with a colour that will give you the same moderate look as the grey one – but the pattern will give you a certain sting!