Become a friend with the environment

Plastic is not fantastic. If you care about the environment you should seriously consider to reduce your consumption of plastics. If you do not care, you should consider to reduce your consumption of plastics anyway. Because there are so many better alternatives that are better for you.

In April this year the European Parliament agreed to reduce the consumption of plastic bags by introducing a monetary charge. This is just the beginning. Plastic waste is a large issue across the world as it decomposes slowly. Fishes, birds and other animals can get caught up or choke on the waste. The plastic also contains toxics that poisons our soil and oceans.

This is a list consisting of tips on how you can reduce your plastic consumption:

Fabric bags

Did you know that a regular plastic bag takes more than 500 years to degrade? Instead of using plastic bags for your groceries you can carry your stuff home from the store in a fabric bag, backpack or stroller.


Do you bring your lunch in a plastic lunchbox? Stop doing that! Toxics from the box get into your food while you microwave it. Use instead a lunchbox in glass. They are also so much easier to clean after you had your meal.


Instead of throwing plastic in the garbage, or even worse – in nature, make sure it gets recycled. Did you know that in several European countries you get money for recycling plastic bottles? Kind of a good incitement for recycling!

Use environmentally friendly plastic instead

Researchers are constantly trying to develop better plastics that has less negative impact on the environment. For instance bioplastics that are made from cornstarch. One inspirational company that takes their environmental impacts seriously is Wing Plast. A Swedish manufacturer of medical instruments mainly in plastics. However, they are ISO-certified and uses high quality, environmentally friendly plastics.